Volume 7 Issue 1 (March 2020)

Pages 32-42

Exergy Analysis of Coal-Fired Power Plants in Ultra Supercritical Technology versus Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

Abdul Wahid, Dwi Ratna Mustafida, Yuli Amalia Husnil


This study evaluates and compared the performance of coal-fired power plants in ultra-supercritical (USC) versus integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC). System execution in terms of net control created, exergy examination was performed to coordinate the vitality loss dispersion of this system. Base on the exergy adjust condition. The IGCC system is modeled and simulated with post-combustion capture and both used sub-bituminous coal from the Indramayu PLTU. The result display that with the same amount of raw materials (20 ton/h coal) the IGCC generated great net power than USC. IGCC produced net power of 42 MW and USC of 22 MW. The highest exergy loss in the gasifier, H2S Removal and Carbon Capture for IGCC and in Boiler, Steam Turbine system, and condenser for USC. The total exergy efficiency for IGCC was 41.51% and 33.71% in USC.

Keywords: Coal-fired power plants; USC; IGCC, Exergy analysis