Volume 7 Issue 1 (March 2020)

Pages 51-55

Strategic Project Planning Solution Model in The Radioactive Minerals Processing Pilot Plant Construction

Nunik Madyaningarum, Mohammed Ali Berawi, Yarianto Sugeng Budi Susilo


Determining strategic solution for improving quality which has an impact on increasing safety factor is the aim of this research. Therefore, planning on a construction project must be a bridge that links between the process improvement, priorities that support success, and the organization's long-term strategy. This study uses literature study approach that focuses on nuclear facilities and other energy projects which further explain the elements of project planning factors in the construction phase. Brief interviews to experts have been conducted as a validation tool. The main factors for strategic project planning are risk management, modularization, technological uniqueness, project typology and governance.

Keywords: evergreen; project planning, radioactive minerals, pilot plant, construction