Volume 7 Issue 2 (June 2020)

Pages 172-194

Dynamic Modeling and Validation of a Carbon Dioxide Heat Pump System

Jaedeok Ko, Nobuo Takata, Kyaw Thu, Takahiko Miyazaki


The objective of the present manuscript is to develop a dynamic model to simulate the transient performance of a heat pump system that utilizes environmental-friendly refrigerant, Carbon Dioxide (R-744). Exploiting the high customizability of the modeling tools supporting acausal, equation-based, and object-oriented modeling approach, a dynamic model for a transcritical heat pump system was developed. The model was validated with the experimental results with particular attention to the refrigerant mass flow rate, cooling/heating capacity, compressor power, and the coefficient of performance.

Keywords: dynamic modeling; validation; carbon dioxide (R-744); heat pump system;