Volume 7 Issue 2 (June 2020)

Pages 228-233

Production of Biogas from Olive Pomace

Manel AYADI, Sylvestre AHOU, Sary AWAD, Manef ABDERRABBA, Yves ANDRES


The present work treats anaerobic digestion as an alternative way for olive pomace treatment for energy and fertilizer production. Physico-chemical tests were conducted to identify the olive pomace biochemical methane potential (BMP). Effects of critical parameters, including, C/N ratio, dry matter and total volatile matter of the samples were carried out in order to optimize biogas composition. The first tests performed using 4g of pomace oil, with a mass ratio of inoculum: feedstock of 1:1, show a stable biogas production after 48hrs that can attain up to 200 ml/day. The total volume of biogas produced was 500 ml containing 51% wt methane.

Keywords: anaerobic digestion, biogas, olive pomace.