Volume 7 Issue 2 (June 2020)

Pages 262-267

Analysis of the Use of Stern Foil on the High Speed Patrol Boat on Full Draft Condition

Muhamad Fuad Syahrudin, Muhammad Arif Budiyanto, Muhammad Aziz Murdianto


Currently in the ship design industry, especially for the patrol boat design and development, researchers continue to try to find designs with high efficiency and good performance. The use of stern foil technology by reducing ship resistance on ships is a way to increase ship performance. This Stern Foil technology has a similar working principle with hydrofoil, but Stern Foil is only located on the stern of the ship. By reducing the wet area at the stern of the ship, it will automatically reduce resistance and have an impact on the characteristics of the ship. The research on the application of Stern Foil was carried out on a 1-meter dimension ship model with a towing test method. The results of this research indicate a change in the characteristics of the ship, starting from the wave pattern created and there are reductions in the total resistance of the ship model, 24.84 % on 2 kg with Fn 1.2 and 1.27% on 3 kg with Fn 0.7-0.75.

Keywords: Efficiency, Stern Foil, Hydrofoil, Experiment.