Volume 7 Issue 3 ( September 2020 )


Type-I Heterostructure and Improved Phase Stability of Formamidinium Lead Iodide Perovskite Grown on WS2

Ufuk Erkılıç, Hiroki Ago


Heterostructures of two-dimensional materials provide an opportunity for the discovery of novel properties and improved material performances. In this work, we demonstrate the chemical vapor deposition growth of two-dimensional perovskite/WS2 heterostructures. Owing to type-I band alignment, photoluminescence (PL) measurements indicated the photogenerated carrier transfer from the WS2 to the perovskite layer. In order to investigate the carrier transfer mechanism, power-dependent PL spectra were measured. The PL intensity of the two-dimensional perovskite grown on WS2 exhibited super-linear dependence to the excitation power. In addition, two-dimensional perovskites grown on WS2 showed better air stability compared with the pristine perovskite. The improved stability is attributed to strain in the two-dimensional perovskite layer induced by the underlying WS2. The results presented here offer better understanding of the two-dimensional perovskite based heterostructures and their potential use in practical applications, such as light emitting diodes and lasers.

Keywords: two-dimensional materials; hybrid halide perovskites; heterostructure, WS2