Volume 7 Issue 3 ( September 2020 )

Cognizance on Pandemic Corona Virus Infectious Disease (COVID-19) by using Statistical Technique: A Study and Analysis

Vijay K. Yadav, Vinod Kumar Yadav, J. P. Yadav



As per the World Health Organization (WHO), till May 16, 2020, about 4.4 million cases of Novel Corona virus (Covid-19) infections have been reported worldwide. As a part of corrective measures to prevent the spreading of this infectious virus, a statistical analysis of transferal behavior of Covid-19 is necessary. In this work, a comparative study of the spreading trends of Covid-19 in India and USA is presented. For investigating the trends of Covid-19 pandemic spread in India and USA, a statistical model based on Least Square Method (LSM) is proposed. The parameters affecting the spread pattern and steeper rise in Covid-19 graph is discussed in detail. From the trend line predictions, using LSM, it is observed that the spread pattern follows a second degree polynomial for India as well as USA. In addition, the numerical results revealed in the present work agree well with the actual spray pattern of the Covid-19 pandemic for both countries. The results also showed that the early stage spread rate of Covid-19 pandemic in India is very less as compared to USA due to the adoption of precautionary measures at the beginning of the pandemic spread.

Keywords: COVID-19, Novel corona virus, Pandemic, Statistical technique, Trend analysis.