Volume 7 Issue 3 ( September 2020 )


A musculoskeletal Finite Element Study of a Unique and Customised Jaw Joint Prosthesis for the Asian Populace

Mehak Sharma, Manoj Soni


The stress concentration for a unique temporomandibular joint prosthesis was evaluated using finite element analysis in the present work. This study intended to validate temporomandibular joint prosthesis design specific to Asian population. Total joint replacement is a complicated procedure and surgery can cause numerous complications such as hardware failure, cleft, contamination or facial immobility. Hence, it is imperative to study stresses acting during jaw movement. A three-dimensional static structural finite element approach was followed. The study reflects on even stress distribution, with least detrimental effects to human natural joint. Thus, the design efficiency is validated and also helped in analysing medical ramifications for actual temporomandibular joint surgery.

Keywords: Finite Element Analysis, Biomedical devices, prosthesis, human jaw, computational analysis, Asian population