Volume 7 Issue 3 ( September 2020 )


Mechanical Properties and Biodegradability of Areca Nut Fiber-reinforced Polymer Blend Composites

Alimin Mahyudin, Syukri Arief, Hairul Abral, Emriadi, Mulda Muldarisnur, Mila Puteri Artika


The effect of areca fiber percentage on mechanical properties and biodegradability of polypropylene composites made with the addition of banana and taro starches has been investigated. The composites were prepared using a hand lay-up method with the fiber percentage of 3%, 5%, 7%, and 9%. The highest strength, strain, and modulus of elasticity were obtained for composites made of 3% fiber, while the highest impact strength was obtained for the composite with 7% fiber. The biodegradability of the composites is moderate (0.00376%/day). The tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, and impact strength of the composites meet the ABS high impact standard.

Keywords: Areca fiber, polypropylene, starch, tensile strength, Impact strength, biodegradation