Volume 7 Issue 3 ( September 2020 )


Chemosensor of Gold(I) 4-(3,5-Dimethoxybenzyl)-3,5- dimethyl Pyrazolate Complex for Quantification of Ethanol in Aqueous Solution

Matheus Randy Prabowo, Almira Praza Rachmadian, Nur Fatiha Ghazalli, Hendrik O. Lintang


By using gold(I) 4-(3,5-dimethoxybenzyl)-3,5-dimethyl pyrazolate complex as a chemosensor, we report a successful quantification of ethanol in aqueous solution based on vapor-induced phosphorescent quenching. Upon monitoring at 278 nm irradiation, the emission intensity at 609 nm of the complex was quenched by the presence of ethanol vapors from the mixture. It was found that the intensity is linearly decreased with increment of ethanol concentration where limit of detection was found to be 11.7% v/v in ethanol/water. When the chemosensor was applied to quantify ethanol content of 4 real samples, the accuracy was achieved up to 96%, which is remarkable.

Keywords: chemosensor, ethanol, Gold(I) complex, quantification