Volume 7 Issue 4 ( December 2020 )


Cooling Improvement of the IT Rack by Layout Rearrangement of the A2 Class Data Center Room: A Simulation Study

Dyah Arum Wulandari, Muhammad Akmal, Yohanes Gunawan, Nasruddin


Information technology (IT) devices that are capable of transferring large data fast will generate more heat discharged into the data center room (DCR). As a result, energy consumption to cool DCR becomes higher. This research aims to study the simulation of airflow and temperature as an indicator of the quality of rack cooling performance in the A2 Class Data Center, and to obtain a new rack layout recommendation that can distribute heat from IT devices to DCR optimally. Simulation was conducted with the help of ANSYS 16.2 software. The meshing sizes used were 645 nodes, 29.304 lines, 10.81.976 hexahedral volumes, and 667.492 quadrilaterals. The solver used was pressure-based, while the sub-viscous setting used the k-ɛ standard turbulence model. The validation of the simulation model was done by comparing the RH values and the temperature of the measurement results from DCR. The study result shows the performance for cooling DCR increased when the rack rearrangement in DCR space was implemented according to the layout of the results of the simulation. The indicator of the cooling performance improvement was the value of the RCI (Rack Cooling Index) which increased by 4.92% while the amount of SHI (Supply Heating Index) decreased by 0.047

Keywords: Cooling Performance, Data Center Room, IT equipment, Rack Cooling Index, Supply Heating Index