Volume 7 Issue 4 ( December 2020 )


Kinematic Analysis of the ABB IRB 1520 Industrial Robot Using RoboAnalyzer Software

Shailendra Singh Chauhan, Avadhesh Kumar Khare


Robots are extensively used in various industries in manufacturing sector for different operations consistently. Some robots are having simulation software for offline programming, but few other robots do not provide this facility for the purpose of analysis. Various parameters and characteristics of robot are important to understand for obtaining its better performance. The inverse and forward kinematics is important to understand the dynamics of the robot required for the design and control. Therefore, RoboAnalyzer software is used to visualize the robot kinematics in simulated environment prior to executing the actual motion of the robot. In the present study a mathematical model for forward kinematics of ABB IRB- 1520 industrial robot is developed and the results are verified by using RoboAnalyzer. The forward kinematics equation is written using Denavit-Hartenberg analysis (D-H). Both the geometrical and the analytical methods are used to solve the problem of inverse kinematics. It calculates the required joint angles (θ1 to θ6). The proposed method in this paper is generic in nature, and can be applied to carry out kinematic analyses of any robot manipulator.

Keywords: D-H parameters, Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics, RoboAnalyzer, ABB IRB- 1520 industrial robot