Volume 7 Issue 4 ( December 2020 )


Analysis of the Scroll Compressor Changing into an Expander for Small Scale Power Plants Using an Organic Rankine Cycle System

Muswar Muslim, Muhammad Idrus Alhamid, Nasruddin, Budi Ismoyo


Wastes from engineering components are difficult to recycle. According to previous studies, several waste enginering components can be used to produce small-scale power plants. Therefore, this research aims to modify cooling cars compressor into an expander (turbine) which is used in an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system power generator. The ORC main components used in this research are the expanders, evaporator, condenser, and working fluid pump. The compressor used in place of the expander is TRSE09 type Sanden brand with a capacity of 0.5 hp. The experimental results showed that the expander rotation is between 1650-2750 rpm, with a 2.5-4.45% thermal efficiency.

Keywords: Condensor, Evaporator, Expander, Organic Rankine Cycle, Scroll Compressor