Volume 8 Issue 1 ( March 2021 )


Effect of Wall Resistance on the Total Thermal Resistance of a Stacked Microchannel Heat Sink

H. S. Shamsuddin, U. Abidin, H. Abd-Zaidan, N. Mohd-Ghazali


This paper reports on the different modeling approach of the total thermal resistance in a microchannel heat sink (MCHS); with wall resistance and the frequently used fin model, in comparison with experimental results. For a single stack MCHS, the wall model caused more than 10% difference but it can be extended to a stacked MCHS while the fin model could not, due to the adiabatic top condition. The wall resistance model is idealized, assuming a 100% efficient convective heat transfer while in the fin model 70% was the maximum. Meanwhile, stacking showed that at a constant flow rate, the thermal resistance could be reduced by 3% for a double stack, while increasing beyond that will decrease the thermal performance of the MCHS. The study showed the limits of models used and possible stacking of a MCHS for improved heat removal capability.

Keywords: microchannel heat sink; thermal resistance; wall conductive resistance; stacked