Volume 8 Issue 1 ( March 2021 )


The Effectiveness of Jet Impingement Cooling System on Various Flat Plate Surface

Aiman.Y. M.Firdaus, M.N. Musa, S. Syahrullail


This manuscript present investigation the effectiveness of jet impingement cooling system on flat plate surface. Jet impingement can give high heat flux cooling effect. This type of cooling system is very useful as it may be used in a lot of machine and instruments such as piston, supercomputer, microchip, food technology and hybrid car electronic circuit. This project have three main objectives that need to achieve. Firstly, this project can determine the best distance from nozzle to plate surface and then determine the dimensionless ratio between distance from nozzle to plate surface and the diameter of circular nozzle. Next is this project can observe the best mass blow rate, ranging from laminar flow to turbulent flow. The purpose to having two types of flows is to check which flow can give the best cooling effect. Lastly, by choosing three type of materials that have different surface roughness is to study the effect of surface roughness and cooling effect. From the experiment, higher surface roughness does not give the best cooling effect while smoother surface roughness give the better results. However, just like mass blow rate, it has it range on where the best cooling effect can be achieved. If the difference between surface temperature and isothermal temperature is too high, it will be a drawback to the cooling system. For the final result, the best jet impingement cooling system can be obtained at dimensionless s/d = 10 at mass blow rate equal to 8.4 m/s using zinc plate.

Keywords: Jet impingement; Fluid Mechanic; Heat transfer; Laminar flow