Volume 8 Issue 1 ( March 2021 )


Highly Microporous Activated Carbon from Acorn Nutshells and its Performance in Water Vapor Adsorption

Chairunnisa, K. Thu, T. Miyazaki, K. Nakabayashi, J. Miyawaki, A. T. Wijayanta, F. Rahmawati


The green preparation of microporous activated carbon using acorn nutshell with different production conditions was studied. The heating rate and nitrogen flow rate were controlled during preparation. The effect of those conditions on the surface properties and water adsorption performance was observed. According to the results, the total surface area of acorn nutshells-based activated carbon can reach up to 993 m 2 /g with 90% microporosity and a total pore volume of 0.49 cm 3 /g. The water adsorption uptake under P/P0 = 0.9 of prepared material is up to 0.39 g/g. This study found that acorn nutshell shows potential performance as a precursor for producing highly microporous activated carbon, which might be suitable for water vapor adsorption.

Keywords: activated carbon; microporous; acorn nutshells; water adsorption; steam activation