Volume 8 Issue 1 ( March 2021 )


Fuzzy Decision Support System for the Outbreak of COVID-19 and Improving the People Livelihood

Gunasekaran Prabakaran, Dhandapani Vaithiyanathan, Harish Kumar


This work investigates the process of the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic and makes recommendations using a fuzzy logic system. In the current situation to control COVID-19 spread, there is a need to build a system for its outbreak. Besides, when creating a system, many factors need to be considered without affecting the regular functioning of the work. Hence, this work presents a novel approach with inputs as the most important factors, including the social factors involved in the discovery of the causes of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Assumed quantifying reasons behind in the society were believed to improve the outbreak of COVID-19 progress in the world. Hence, this work will illustrate the concept behind considering the COVID-19 outbreak system design with the support of expert recommendations. The study has been undertaken to overcome the extent of infectious diseases, to consider the workers' livelihoods in detail, and to make expert recommendations for improving the quality of life without any difficulty. Up to this point, no vaccine has been officially announced to control the outbreak of COVID-19. In this way, this paper outlines a larger mechanism to control the early stages of any pandemic disease such as Covid-19.

Keywords: COVID-19; Fuzzy Decision Support System; Skilled and Unskilled; Workers Livelihood