Volume 8 Issue 2 ( June 2021 )


Challenges and Opportunities in Energy Transformation during COVID-19

Megha Bansal, Anshul Agarwal, Meena Pant & Harish Kumar


There was a time in human history when global risks were feared because of nuclear wars, armed rebellions and their aftereffects. In January 2020, when the world was fearing a major war between USA and Iran, who knew that a micro-object would create such destruction that would lock the entire globe. In December 2019, Chinese city of Wuhan reported an increase in the number of patients showing pneumonia-like symptoms and the researchers identified it to be “novel- Corona virus”. This was a new virus strain that has not previously affected the human body. It did not discriminate between people on the basis of boundaries, financial status, race, religion, gender, age and any other aspect which a human can identify as a basis of discrimination. This virus has now wrecked almost two-hundred countries across the globe and has taken a heavy toll on the global economy. The pandemic has changed the lifestyle globally as work from home has become the new normal. The devastating situation has generated new challenges in the financial and technical activities of the power sector and hence most of the utilities around the world initiated a disaster management plan to tackle the threats. The report seeks to provide a comprehensive coverage of the prevailing untoward situation particularly in the energy sector, the challenges which have occurred and the various opportunities to uplift the countries by the use of renewable and green resources. The paper also highlights the importance of innovative technologies to be utilized as an alternative source of energy after Covid-19 crisis.

Keywords: COVID-19; Government Policies; Renewable Energy Sources