Volume 8 Issue 2 ( June 2021 )


Mechanical, Physical and Thermal Behaviour of SiC and MgO Reinforced Aluminium Based Composite Material

Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Manish Maurya, Shailendra Singh Chauhan


The increased demand of aluminium metal matrix composite in automobile and aerospace industries had enabled to manufacture the aluminum based composites. In this study, aluminium based composite material is fabricated using SiC and MgO reinforced particles. The stir casting technique is used to make the composite material. Attempts have been made to obtain the best composition by mixing SiC and MgO particles with different percentage. Looking at the microstructure image, it was found that both SiC and MgO particles are well combined with the matrix material. The addition of preheated SiC and MgO led to increase in tensile strength and hardness. However, the toughness of the composite material is reduced. Behavior of thermal expansion and corrosion weight loss of the composite material has reflected the presence of SiC and MgO content in the aluminum alloy. Minimum corrosion loss was found for Al/12.5 wt. % Preheat SiC/2.5 wt. % MgO composite material. Minimum dimension change was found to be 4.12 mm3 for Al/12.5 wt. % Preheat SiC/2.5 wt. % MgO composite material.

Keywords: Al/SiC/MgO composite material; Mechanical properties; Corrosion loss; Thermal expansion