Volume 8 Issue 2 ( June 2021 )


Tribological Study of Activated Carbon Nanoparticle in Nonedible Nanofluid for Machining Application

Norfazillah Talib, Nor Athira Jamaluddin, Tan Kai Sheng, Lee Woon Kiow, Haslina Abdullah, Said Ahmad, Aslinda Saleh


Nonedible vegetable-based oil was recently explored due to the demand for a sustainable element in a machining process. The aim of this study is to critically analyse the tribological performance of nanofluid from nonedible (modified jatropha oil, MJO) nanofluid added with activated carbon nanoparticles. The tribology test was conducted through four-ball test using various concentration ratios of nanoparticles. According to the findings, MJOa2 (0.025wt.% activated carbon in MJO) showed the lowest coefficient of friction and mean wear scar diameter, produced a smoother surface with low surface roughness value, followed by MJOa3 (0.05wt.% activated carbon in MJO), MJOa1 (0.01wt.% activated carbon in MJO) and synthetic ester (SE). Therefore, MJOa2 was considerably suitable for metalworking fluid application which emphasizing the element of sustainability.

Keywords: Activated carbon; Nanofluid; Tribology