Volume 8 Issue 2 ( June 2021 )


Lean Implementation Barriers and Their Contextual Relationship in Contract Manufacturing Machining Company

Raja Surian Sakataven, Syed Ahmad Helmi, and Muhammad Hisjam


The objective of this paper is to identify critical lean implementation barriers within a Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SME) and their contextual relationship. Identifying these will be the key success factor towards implementing green practices in a manufacturing environment. Through extensive literature review, 15 identified barriers are discussed and shortlisted. Using Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) methodology, the underlying subtlety between the barriers are analysed and a model is generated. This model can be considered by the management as a guideline to tackle lean implementation barriers as part of the overall lean management strategy. To determine the driving barriers and dependence power which influence the implementation, the Impact Matrix Cross-Reference Multiplication Applied to a Classification (MICMAC) analysis is used. From the output of ISM and MICMAC analyses, a firm understanding of the barriers that effect lean implementation and their interrelationship within an SME Contract Manufacturing Machining Company is obtained. 15 barriers are classified into 10 levels to be tackled. Their driving and dependence power are analysed and classified. Barrier 15 which is “Roles and Responsibility is not defined in Lean Implementation” at level 1 has the highest dependence power. The most significant barriers are barrier 4 which is “Lack of Long- Term Commitment to Change and Innovation” and barrier 5 which is “Individual Attitude” at level 10. Typically, barriers 4 and 5 display weak dependence power and strong driving power. Thus, these 2 barriers are identified as “Independent Factors” of lean implementation barriers within the organisation.

Keywords: Lean Implementation; Lean Management; Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM); Matrix Cross-Reference Multiplication Applied to a Classification (MICMAC)