Volume 8 Issue 3 ( September 2021 )


Safety Working Environment at Highway: Safety Warning Detector (SWAD) System

Suhaimi Hassan, Norbazlan Mohd Yusof, Mohamad Shah Ikhsan, Mohamad Zhairul Iqumal Jumari, Mohamad Amirul Mat Nadir, Mohd Hassan Helmi Ibrahim, Muhammad Azimuddin Mohd Nor Azman, Muhammad Azim Farhi Mohd Sarif, Muhammad Amir Raauf Abdul Rashid, Mohd Sallehuddin Yusof, Maznan Ismon, Hanis Zakaria, Mohd Azham Azmi, Omar Mohd Faizan Marwah


The research study was carried out for the safety of highway maintenance workers in order to avoid incidents or hazards in the direct emergency lane on the highway through the implementation of a danger sensor device which known as Signal Warning Detector (SWAD). The distance sensor detected the object at a certain distance and sent the signal to the output via the siren device and emergency light. The device sensor was mounted on the highway worker vehicle. It also sent signal to the receiver to alert employee by giving early signal of danger detected. The receiver alerted employee by vibrating the vibrator motor that was attached at highway worker’s arm. The main objective of the SWAD was to increase the safety procedure and precaution for maintenance highway workers that currently doing their job at the emergency lane of the highway. The Signal Warning Detector (SWAD) had successfully implemented by detecting the vehicle or danger from behind in 70 meter maximum distance at straight emergency lane. The SWAD was effective to be used on highway worker vehicles for additional safety by giving early danger signal.

Keywords: safety, automation system, sensor detector