Volume 8 Issue 3 ( September 2021 )


The Potential Mapping of Land Fire Using SNPP VIIRS as a Basis for Environmental Damage Mitigation

Rosalina Kumalawati, Astinana Yuliarti, Rizky Nurita Anggraeni, Karnanto Hendra Murliawan


Hotspot distribution area is very important to know, in order to anticipate and minimize the risk of fire. The research objective is The Potential Mapping of Land Fires Using SNPP VIIRS. The research used a survey method to collect data. Data processing techniques using ArcGIS software with scoring, overlay and clustering techniques. The highest number of hotspots in South Kalimantan is in Banjar Regency, with 17428 including low confidence (1303), nominal confidence (15444) and high confidence (681). The results of the mapping of existing Fire Potentials can be used as a basis for mitigation actions and providing recommendations for disaster management to reduce the risk of increasing environmental damage in the future.

Keywords: Hotspot, fire potential; SNPP VIIRS; mitigation; environmental damage