Volume 8 Issue 3 ( September 2021 )


Parametric Performance of Condensation Factors for Extracting Potable Water from Atmosphere

Punj Lata Singh, and Basant Singh Sikarwar


Alternative recent technologies are sought-after to resolve the hastily growing water scarcity globally. The innovative techniques contributing to the water production implementing the method of condensation provides feasible study specifying factors affecting. The factors investigated from extant literature are reviewed to perform weightage to the criteria and ranking to the recognized condensation phenomenon. The weightage of the criteria is characterized by the implementation of the ENTROPY approach and the ranking of factors is performed by the MOORA method. The purpose of this manuscript is to strengthen different factors of sustainable water harvesting using condensation methods for efficiency improvements. The harvesting application with modified factors to their required hierarchy certainly proposes an economic and scalable to emerging and existing potable water generating system. The precise configuration of condensation factors will introduce environment-friendly, effective, and sustainable water-extracting systems in various fields.

Keywords: condensation; factors; potable water; ENTROPY approach; MOORA method