Volume 8 Issue 3 ( September 2021 )


Empowering Low-Cost Survey Instrument for the Stake-Out Measurements Using Android Application

Totok Sulistyo, Karmila Achmad, Ida Bagus Irawan Purnama


Transferring many points on the construction design in the field can be conducted by a range of instruments such as: Theodolite, Total Station, and GPS Geodetic. The conventional devices will take a longer time than the modern ones due to their processes and procedure. This research aims to develop an Android application to help Theodolite users (low-cost instrument) to conduct the stake-out measurement. This research involves designing the algorithm, user interface, and database. The implementation of such a design was by building an Android app and putting it in Google Play for further review and testing. The development of this Application can handle several technological gaps between Theodolite and Total Station in terms of the stake-out measurement.

Keywords: stake-out, Theodolite, Android app, Smartphone.