Volume 8 Issue 3 ( September 2021 )


A Review of Environmental Assessment and Carbon Management for Integrated Supply Chain Models

Muhammad Idham Sabtu, Hawa Hishamuddin, Nizaroyani Saibani, Mohd Nizam Ab Rahman


Through the potential possibilities of improving environmental criteria into the economic prospect, it is desirable to introduce the concept of green into business practices and associated perspectives. This article reviews the existing research on inventory problems in integrated or coordinated supply chains (SC) with consideration of environmental and carbon management. The study utilised the method of selection, practical criteria, screening, and synthesis, where a total of 35 articles were selected. An analysis of the papers has revealed that SC coordination problems that are often considered include order quantity, production quantity, delivery frequency and delivery quantity in minimising costs and carbon emissions (CO2). It was discovered that 38% of the studies considered the model’s problem of production or transportation with a majority of studies, 71% considered carbon management in SC models. It is anticipated that this review will be useful for researchers who are interested in inventory modelling in the economic and environmental context by highlighting gaps for future studies and useful insights into the existing literature.

Keywords: CO2 emission, carbon management, integrated supply chain models, review.