Volume 8 Issue 3 ( September 2021 )


Structural Integrity Study for a Quadcopter Frame to Be Deployed for Pest Control

Sulaiman Ibrahim, Babawuya Alkali, Adedipe Oyewole, Salihu Bala Alhaji, Aliyu Alhaji Abdullahi, Ibrahim Aku G.


– Quadcopters are one of the most versatile unmanned aerial vehicles deployed for various purposes. In this study it is going to be used as part of a system used for bird control therefore the structural integrity is investigated. The aim of the paper is to investigate the structural and aerodynamic behaviour of a quadcopter intended for bird control. A model of the drone has been developed in SolidWorks, then structural along with flow analysis carried out using ANSYS software. The structural analysis reveals a maximum stress of 39.13 MPa of the arm due to thrust and 2.6 MPa on the frame due to load which are within the safe range for use of purpose.

Keywords: Bird control; computational fluid dynamics; structural analysis; surveillance; unmanned aerial vehicles