Volume 8 Issue 4 ( December 2021 )


An Outlook on Tar Abatement, Carbon Capture and its Utilization for a Clean Gasification Process

Hadiza A Umar, Shaharin A Sulaiman, M Amin B A Majid, Mior A Said, Afsin Gungor, Rabi K Ahmad


The generation of syngas via gasification is accompanied by greenhouse gas emissions and certain impurities like tar. This is the major problem that makes the technology unattractive for commercialisation. Tar content present in the syngas limits its application as it causes damage to engines, while the CO2 that accompanies it adds to the climate issues when released to the atmosphere. In this short review, an overview of techniques used for tar abatement, CO2 capturing, and potential areas of CO2 utilisation were discussed.

Keywords: tar removal; carbon capture and utilisation; syngas; gasification