Volume 8 Issue 4 ( December 2021 )


Future Prospect of Plumbene: A Review

Megha Gupta Chaudhary, Nitin Kumar and Sushil Kumar


Discovery of graphene and its bewildering properties have brought forth another class of materials known as “two dimensional materials" or 2D materials. Spurred by the achievement of graphene, alternative layered and non-layered two dimensional materials have become the focal point of extraordinary research because of their novel physical and chemical properties. Plumbene, a single layer of lead (Pb) is the latest two dimensional material, has pulled in huge enthusiasm inferable from its uncommon properties and possible applications. In this paper, we investigation about the most recent advancement in the investigation of Plumbene, for the most part on the structure, growth techniques, physical properties, future applications and difficulties. The phenomenal mechanical and thermal properties of Plumbene will open the best approach to batteries, machine manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc. Lastly, this review concludes with a future forthcoming to manage this quick advancing class of two dimensional materials in cutting edge materials science.

Keywords: Two-Dimensional layered materials; Plumbene; Topological Insulators; Spintronics