Volume 8 Issue 4 ( December 2021 )


Fabrication and Machining of Metal Matrix Composite Using Electric Discharge Machining: A Short Review

Ankit Jain, Cheruku Sandesh Kumar, Yogesh Shrivastava


Metal Matrix composite is a metal reinforced with two or more constituents which can be any other materials either metal or non- metal. Metal matrix composites (MMCs), which are inherently intelligent, are lightweight and high-performance, ever-expanding materials. The structural and functional properties of these materials may be modified by industrial requirements. Researchers and the industry are attracted by the process technology used in the production and processing of these products. The hybrid-electric discharge process for MMCs is a promising and the most effective non-conventional process. It has greater expertise in manufacturing complex shapes with greater precision. This paper gives an updated analysis of the development and advantages of various routes for composite manufacturing and machining. It reports on several realistic analyzes and study results, including various manufacturing and processing problems for MMC Since the last few years, hybrid electrical discharge machining has been an active field of research in critical and nonconventional machining. This paper includes annual research in production, traditional machining, unconventional machining, and hybrid MMC machining. The final part of the paper addresses conclusions and future scope.

Keywords: Metal Matrix Composite, Electric discharge machining, Parameters, Technology, and Composite metal.