Volume 8 Issue 4 ( December 2021 )


Characterization and Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Short Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyamide66 Composites

Mr. Dilip Choudhari, Dr. Vyasraj Kakhandki


In recent years, Short Carbon Fiber (SCF) reinforced Polyamide66 (PA66) composites materials have increased their demand in automotive and aircraft industries due to their superior mechanical properties. Firstly, different specimens were prepared of 00, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60% weight of SCF content in PA66. As per ASTM standards, tensile, flexural, compression, and density specimens were manufactured on an injection molding machine. Then, tensile, flexural, compression specimens are tested on UTM and density specimen tests carried out directly on mass and volume relation. Secondly, on advanced micrographs Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM), tensile, flexural, and compression specimens were tested. In the tensile test, it was found that most SCFs were pulled out and some agglomerated from the matrix instead of breaking. The flexural test showed that the debonding of SCF from the grid is because of the matrix uncovered close to the fiber surface. Cleavage was observed due to a plastic twist of the matrix after SCF peeling. In the compression test, extreme adhesion and a compatible bond between SCF and matrix are observed. It is pushed together with higher compressive force, only small grooves and cavities are observed and not much damage. Further, observed that all specimens have a strong interface, adhesive bond, no differences in matrix holes sizes, even fibers distribution, and no segregation.

Keywords: Short Carbon Fiber, Polyamide66, Injection Molding, Mechanical Properties, FESEM.