Volume 8 Issue 4 ( December 2021 )


Sustainable development practices in Services Sector: A case of the Palace Hotel from Malaysia

Syaiful Rizal Hamid, Chew Boon Cheong, Alina Shamsuddin, Nor Ratna Masrom, Nur Athirah Mazlan


This paper examines how the hotel's operations may enhance their environmental performance by implementing sustainable development practices as a business model. The research design technique consisted of a single case study and an in-depth literature review. Four key methods of data collections were used: (1) Primary data from official company websites, (2) Primary data from hand on observation, (3) Primary data from the General Manager via Table Talk Discussions, and (4) Secondary data from documents (i.e., Newspaper and magazines). With the use of thematic analysis of the evidence practices, the paper reveals that there are seven key sustainable development practices implemented in the Palace Hotel to cut down the running cost while improving their social environment. As a result, technology and sustainable development methods may have a significant influence on the best performance evaluation in a variety of ways., particularly there are very few studies in the area of sustainable development that have been conducted to identify any sustainable development practices in the Malaysian service sector, specifically in the hotel industry and to recommend the best practices implemented from the managers’ perspectives. Finally, for scholars, this paper can help them better comprehend sustainable development and point out areas where further research is needed.

Keywords: sustainable development, green practices, business model, the palace hotel, sustainable development practices