Volume 8 Issue 4 ( December 2021 )


Analysis of Heat Gains from Flat Plate Heater Measured using Multi-Axis Heat Flux Sensors

A. Fauzan, H.M. Ega, J.A. Sigalingging, Y.S. Nugroho


Thermal energy transfer is a phenomenon that has many benefits in its application to meet human needs through conduction, convection, and radiation. This research work will reconstruct a thermal radiation process using a radiation thermal measurement apparatus. This apparatus has been designed with several features that will measure many conditions. This research analyzes the effect of thermal inertia in the measurement process, compares the measurement result with and without the darkroom, and measures the heat flux received with different tilt angles to unknowing the effect of convection in the apparatus and the measurement results. In particular, this work will analyze the heat gains from a flat plate heater. In addition, the apparatus can also be used as a comprehensive heat transfer learning media.

Keywords: Thermal Radiation; Heat Flux Sensor; Convection; Measurement Apparatus