Volume 9 Issue 1 ( March 2022 )


Potential Use of Corn Cob Waste as the Base Material of Silica Thin Films for Anti-Reflective Coatings

Hudzaifah Al Hijri, Jaka Fajar Fatriansyah, Nofrijon Sofyan, Donanta Dhaneswara


This research involves silica extraction from corn cob waste with the sol-gel method using qualitative and ashless filter paper as a comparison. Anti-reflective coatings, as silica thin films, were synthesized from the extracted silica using dip-coating and spin-coating methods. Extracted silicas were characterized with FTIR, XRF, and XRD, while thin films were characterized with UV-Visible spectroscopy. The highest purity of extracted silica obtained was 66.5% using ashless filter paper. Silica thin films synthesized with spin-coating had a better refractive index compared to dip-coating, at 3.6.

Keywords: silica extraction, sol-gel method, dip coating, spin coating, anti-reflective coating