Volume 9 Issue 1 ( March 2022 )


Lubricant Products Distribution Route Determination Using Tabu Search Algorithm

Farizal F., Arie Rakhman Hakim, Ayu Erliza, Irene Desella Setiawan


Determination of effective and efficient routes and delivery scheduling plays an important role in optimizing the logistic cost of a company. This paper addresses the vehicle routing problem with time window for a proposed distribution system that aims to deliver lubricant products with minimum total distance and minimum number of vehicles. Tabu search algorithm is used to solve the problem. As the result, total travel distance for lubricants delivered in box, drum, and pail is 539.90 km, 543.60 km and 453.30 km, respectively. The minimum number of vehicles needed is 10 trucks. The results reduce 38.70% of the current logistic cost.

Keywords: Vehicle routing problem with time window (VRPTW), Tabu Search, Distribution system, Lubricants