Volume 9 Issue 1 ( March 2022 )


Impact of Liner Elasticity on Couple Stress Lubricated Partial Bearing

Sanjeev Kumar Lambha, Vinod Kumar, Rajiv Verma


In this modern age of fast growing technology, it is required to attain the need of compact size and high speed of rotation in rotating machines. The lubrication is an important aspect along with the bearing geometry, which significantly influence the bearing conduct. The arc length studied here is 100 degrees for partial bearing with a medium for lubrication as fluid with couple stresses (i.e. CSF). The influence of elastic deformation along with the fluid on performance of bearing in static and dynamic manner is obtained by solving the modified Reynold’s equation and an elasticity equation. The set of system equations are solved by using FEM approach. The results show a significant improvement in static and dynamic characteristics of partial bearing and the stability of the bearing is also improved while operating with couple stress fluid compared to Newtonian.

Keywords: EHL film lubrication, partial arc bearing, couple stress fluid, stability, static properties, dynamic properties