Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Performance Characteristics of a Deformed 120-Degree Partial Bearing with Couple Stress Lubrication

Sanjeev Kumar Lambha, Vinod Kumar, Rajiv Verma


The influence of using a fluid with couple stresses as lubricant on the performance of 120° partial bearing is studied here. The effect of variation in liner deformation is also considered. Modified Reynold’s equation along with the elasticity equation is solved by using an FEM approach to predict the properties in static and dynamic form. The properties studied are peak pressure, carrying capacity of load, stiffness characteristic, damping characteristics. Based on the results it is concluded that for a deformed bearing liner dynamic performance of 120° partial bearing are enhanced by using the fluid with couple stresses.

Keywords: Couple stress fluid, liner deformation, partial arc bearing, elastohydrodynamic lubrication, static characteristics, dynamic characteristics.