Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Metal Phase, Electron Density, Textural Properties, and Catalytic Activity of CoMo Based Catalyst Applied in Hydrodeoxygenation of Oleic Acid

Khoirina Dwi Nugrahaningtyas, Rujito S.R. Suharbiansah, Witri Wahyu Lestari, Fitria Rahmawati


Vegetable oil is a promising alternative fuel source, but the high content of oxygenate compounds reduces its performance. Therefore, in this study, a Co- and Mo-based catalyst was synthesized with Ultra Stable Y-zeolite (USY), Mordenite (MOR), or activated Indonesian natural zeolite (ANZ) as supports, to reduce the oxygen content of the vegetable oil model compounds. The type of metal phase is similar in each support, except for the MoO3 phase, which is disappeared in AZN. The addition of metal causes a change in electron density and reduces the specific surface area. Meanwhile, CoMo/USY showed the best performance with a gasoline fraction selectivity of 85.7%.

Keywords: catalytic activities, electronic density, hydrodeoxygenation, metal phase, oleic acid