Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


An Approach to Solution Variants Screening in Morphological Matrix based Conceptual Design

Shuaibu Alani Balogun, Mohamad Kasim Abdul Jalil, Jamaluddin Mohd Taib


To make morphological matrix based conceptual design more efficient, a systematic procedure which enables complete extraction of the feasible solution variants (concepts) is developed. The approach entails: functional decomposition, generation of alternative solution principles for each subfunction, formation of combinatorial solution variants chains, and 3D space matrix and multi- objective concept optimisation-based concept screening. The approach was tested using the conceptual design of river cleaning machine. 625 theoretical concepts are obtained from the morphological matrix. The concepts are screened to 114 feasible concepts and optimised to obtain a preliminary design concept. Consequently, the concept selected for the river cleaning machine is outstanding based on efficiency, manufacturability, repairability and cost.

Keywords: Feasible concept, solution principle, solution variant, physical parameter, river cleaning machine