Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


A Theoretical Review of Mobile Robot Locomotion based on Mecanum Wheels

Pankaj Singh Yadav, Vandana Agrawal, J. C. Mohanta, MD. Faiyaz Ahmed


The motivation behind this paper is to introduce a broad survey identified with pragmatic applications for portable robot stages dependent on specific wheels. In today’s technology of mobile robots, Omni-directional wheels are trending in almost every field such as flying robot, swarm robotics and humanoid applications etc. Among them, Omni-Directional Mobile Robot (OMR) with mecanum wheels are mostly preferred due to their versatility, limited space, low cost and endurance. They can undoubtedly navigate in a jam-packed environment with dynamic imperatives, or parochial regions. This paper describes the highlights of the practical application of the mecanum wheel in different fields with their classifications, methodologies and comparison with the conventional wheels. Their merits and demerits and future utilities in the application of mobile robot navigation are also proposed in this paper.

Keywords: Omni-directional vehicle; Mecanum wheel; Mobile Robotics; Wheeled mobile robot (WMR); Locomotion.