Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


The Release of Hydrogen from NaBH4 with Ni-Cu-B/Hydroxyapatite as The Catalyst

Adrian Nur, Arif Jumari, Endah R. Dyartanti, Tika Paramitha, Ramadhan S. Irianto, Hevi Ismarlina, Kanindra Prahaspati, Laurencia A. Kurniawan


The environmentally friendly combustion of hydrogen makes hydrogen an ideal fuel. Research on the ideal hydrogen storage is still being carried out. one candidate for hydrogen storage is NaBH4. NaBH4 is hydrolyzed to release hydrogen. This work concerns the hydrolysis reaction of NaBH4 to release hydrogen with a catalyst Ni-Cu-B deposited on hydroxyapatite. The research went through 2 stages, namely catalyst synthesis and NaBH4 hydrolysis reaction. The catalyst synthesis was carried out electrochemically using a 2-compartment electrochemical cell at the certain current density and reaction time. The hydrolysis reaction was observed in a batch reactor at a constant temperature. The results showed that the most significant hydrogen release at room temperature occurred with a catalyst made at 160 mA/cm2 for 90 minutes. The hydrogen release rate ranged from 435 to 1600 mL H2/g catalyst/min. The resulting equation for the reaction rate constant as a function of temperature is k = 3.567 x 10M10 exp(8624.245/T).

Keywords: NaBH4, Hydroxyapatite, Catalyst, Hydrolysis, Hydrogen