Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Synthesis and Characterization of NMC 811 by Oxalate and Hydroxide Coprecipitation Method

Himmah Sekar Eka Ayu Gustiana, Firda Reza Agustiana, Shofirul Sholikhatun Nisa, and Endah Retno Dyartanti


Synthesis of LiNi0.8Mn0.1Co0.1O2 (NMC 811) by coprecipitation method is promising for use. In this study, different precipitation agents were used to comparing the characterization of each cathode. XRD analysis shows that both samples of NMC 811 have a highly layered hexagonal structure. By using FTIR analysis, it was indicated that the two cathodes contain C-H, O-H and C-O groups. Based on SEM analysis, the constituent particles of the cathodes are spherical asymmetrical with the size of the primary particle less than 1 micron and for the secondary particle more than 1 micron. The electrochemical performance showed that NMC-oxalate has a higher specific capacity than NMC-hydroxide. Based on this analysis, oxalate gave better results than hydroxide as a precipitate agent.

Keywords: Lithium-ion battery; NMC 811; coprecipitation