Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Functions of Water Bodies as Mitigation of the Impact of Urban Heat Island in Kampung Luar Batang and Kampung Pulo Geulis

Rina Widayanti, Agus Dharma Tohjiwa, Wijayanti and Erni Setyowati


Uncontrolled urban development can cause urban areas to be warmer than the surrounding rural areas, known as the Urban Heat Island. This study aims to determine the microclimate conditions formed in residential areas that have water bodies and to determine the function of these water bodies as an effort to reduce the temperature of the area. A detailed discussion of temperature, humidity and wind speed shows evidence of an increasing trend in temperature in the area (UHI phenomenon) and shows that temperatures in areas far from the sea and close to rivers are lower than the surrounding areas.

Keywords: Urban Heat Island; Microclimate; body of water