Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Gait Analysis Parameter Study Using Xbox Kinect Aimed at Medical Rehabilitation Tool

Basari, Alexander Prasetyo


There are various methods of rehabilitation to restore disabled gait, one of which is gait analysis. However, some gait analysis systems have shown drawbacks for clinical use, such as system complexity and the high cost of gait equipment. A Kinect sensor could be used as an alternative for gait analysis and is studied in this research. The accuracy of a Kinect in calculation of kinematic gait parameters was computed during normal gait. The gait analysis was processed with Matlab and data was acquired by recording multiple subjects’ gait with different Kinect position. Subjects’ the right knee was calculated and the results shown the best position of Kinect to capture gait is 45º towards motion path with errors of detecting gait parameters about 7%. Hence, Kinect sensor is capable of doing gait analysis for further pre-clinical applications.

Keywords: gait analysis; gait classification; gait parameters; Kinect; Matlab