Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Accessibility and Permeability in Transit Area. Case Studies in Jakarta-Depok Train Stations

Antony Sihombing, Akmal Kurnia Ramadhan, Cut Sannas Saskia


Public transportation, especial trains, is widely used by the community as a means of transportation and, generally, people walk as a part of using public transportation modes. The existence of pedestrian space is important as a connector between modes of transportation or destinations. This writing discusses the effect of space accessibility and permeability in the mobility of train stations. Space accessibility and permeability are the convenience and continuity of space equipped with its facilities. This is related to the ability of the environment to present a pedestrian-friendly environment known as walkability. Walkability accommodates its environment with several aspects considered in environmental factors.

Keywords: Pedestrian, Space, Station, Walkability