Volume 9 Issue 2 ( June 2022 )


Design of Cooling System on Brushless DC Motor to Improve Heat Transfers Efficiency

Safril, Mustofa, Muhamad Zen, Fredy Sumasto, Mohammad Wirandi


Electric vehicles generally use a Brushless DC (Direct Current) motor as the main motor of the vehicle. Brushless DC Motor is not an instrument with a perfect level of efficiency. Brushless DC motors can still overheat at certain times, thus damaging the insulating material of the motor. Damaged motorcycles are obtained when the vehicle continues to operate over long distances and for long periods. In these conditions, the motor efficiency will drop significantly. This paper proposes designing a cooling system on a Brushless DC casing by applying a hollow fin that is continuously flowing with water. A Brushless DC motor casing design is simulated using software to determine the actual conditions of water circulation that occur in the design. Furthermore, this study uses an empirical and comparative approach to evaluate the efficiency of a cooling system. The results showed that the design of a hollow fin cooling system with water media tended to experience an efficiency of 43.410% and an increase in the average efficiency of the previous study of 17.348%.

Keywords: Brushless DC Motor; Cooling System; Design and Optimization; Heat Transfer Enhancement