Volume 9 Issue 4 ( December 2022 )


Vibration Model to Detect Local Defect Characteristics of Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Ajay Kumar Verma, Parveen Kumar Saini


The vibration model, to analyze the local defect in the deep groove ball bearing system is reported in this paper. Shaft, races, balls, and housing masses along with damping at the ball-race interface and defects on its races are considered in the model. The governing equations are solved using MATLAB to simulate the vibration responses of the bearing system. To validate the simulation results, experiments have been performed and compared with simulated results. The comparison shows that the simulated characteristic frequencies differ with experimental values between 0.19 % to 0.72 % which is negligible. The velocity amplitudes at characteristic frequencies in simulated results are in poor agreement with experimental values. This is due to the defects like misalignment, residual unbalancing, etc. are ignored in the theoretical model. Since the simulated results are depicting the same characteristics as it is shown in experimental results, therefore, this vibration model can be used to study the vibration characteristics and to predict the localized defects in ball bearings.

Keywords: Deep groove ball bearing, bearing defects, vibration model, bearing mechanics, bearing analysis.