Volume 9 Issue 4 ( December 2022 )


Shear Correction Factor Effect on Functionally Graded Material (FGM) Beam with Timoshenko Hencky Beam (THB) Element

Imam Jauhari Maknun, Dyah Ayu Aurellia Yasmiin


This study is about the effect of the Shear Correction Factor on static analysis of a Functionally Graded Material (FGM) beam using the Timoshenko Hencky Beam (THB) element. The material properties are evaluated according to the Power Law index. The convergence of the FGM beam by using the constant shear correction factor is compared with the non-constant shear correction factor ( called k-FGM). This study shows that the shear correction factor did not affect the displacement in a thick FGM beam with a small Young modulus ratio (0.35). The shear correction factor significantly affects the displacement in an FGM beam with a high Young modulus ratio (20). The results yield that the THB element can be used to apply FGM beams structures.

Keywords: Functionally Graded Material; Timoshenko Hencky Beam; static evaluation; MATLAB