Volume 9 Issue 4 ( December 2022 )


Synthesis of Silica Coating Derived from Geothermal Solid Waste Modified with 3-Aminopropyl Triethoxysilane (APTES) and Silver Nano Particles (AgNPs)

S. Silviana, Angga Gata Hasega, Aulia Rizqy Nur Hanifah, Afriza Ni’matus Sa’adah


The hydrophobic and antibacterial coatings derived from geothermal waste silica modified by APTES and AgNPs. The paper aims are to investigate contact angle (CA) and antibacterial test from the coating upon ethanol, sodium silicate, water, and APTES; to characterize silica raw by XRD, and coating product by SEM EDX. The research was conducted by sodium silicate preparation, AgNPs synthesis, silica-APTES on the glass, and AgNPs layer on the coated glass. The result showed that the CA attained in range of 20-50° with bacterial inhibition diameter of 10 mm and 12 mm for E.coli and S. aureus, respectively.

Keywords: APTES; AgNPs; coating; sodium silicate; geothermal