Volume 9 Issue 4 ( December 2022 )


Extraction of Chromium Oxide from CCLW to Develop the Aluminium Based Composite by FSP as Reinforcement alongwith Alumina

Anas Islam, Shashi Prakash Dwivedi, Vijay Kumar Dwivedi, Rajat Yadav


Chrome containing leather waste (CCLW) sometimes causes great harm to the environment as waste. However, the use of this waste can prevent environmental pollution. CCLW has been used in this investigation to extract collagen powder in the form of chromium. Particles made of ball-milled collagen powder were obtained after 100 hours of milling. Composite materials were created using the friction stir process (FSP). The microstructure of the composite produced in a single pass was found to be evenly distributed. Single tool pass composite generated by FSP demonstrated superior results in terms of hardness and tensile strength than composite developed in double and triple tool passes. With compared to the base aluminium alloy, tensile strength and hardness of composite material have increased by about 26.49% and 22.10% respectively. Composites made in a single tool run were shown to be more resistant to corrosion and thermal conductivity.

Keywords: Ball-milling; FSP; Cr2O3; CCLW; Leather waste